PREPARE for your future nursing career.

Our state-of-the-art nursing facilities and simulation labs give you the hands-on training you need with equipment you’ll use on the job.

At Georgian, we make hands-on learning a priority.

Georgian’s high-fidelity simulation labs look and feel like real hospitals. Patient beds are occupied by human patient simulators that replicate a wide variety of medical conditions. That means you can practise procedures – like administering intravenous medication or assessing vital signs – before working with actual patients.

Georgian BScN students get plenty of hands-on, practical training and opportunities to practise application of nursing theory so you can prepare for your future nursing career.

Sadlon Centre for Health, Wellness and Sciences.


Take a 360-degree tour of a Georgian NURSING LAB

Advanced nursing education

Georgian’s spacious nursing simulation and learning labs at the Barrie Campus Sadlon Centre for Health, Wellness and Sciences feature the very latest,
state-of-the-art technology.

Train on leading-edge equipment

The equipment you’ll practise on as a student will look and feel like the equipment you’ll use in a modern hospital or clinic setting, preparing you for your nursing career.

Bringing medical scenarios to life

Featuring 11 patient beds occupied by sophisticated, high-fidelity human patient simulators, as well as scenario rooms to simulate real life, high-stress situations, you’ll have ample opportunity to practise patient care.

Nurse training labs
in Owen Sound

Training nurses for tomorrow

Georgian is bringing new nurse training facilities to our Owen Sound Campus by fall 2022 to prepare tomorrow’s nursing workforce and make health-care careers possible for more students.

Hands-on health-care education

The new state-of-the-art, high-fidelity simulation lab will feature two simulation rooms and accompanying debriefing rooms, two eight-bed flex labs for simulation and skills training, and a full teaching apartment lab to facilitate training for in-home care.

Building healthier communities

Nursing graduates are in high demand at health-care providers in Central Ontario. Georgian plays a critical role in fulfilling the need for qualified nurses – one that has been exceptionally apparent over the last year.


RN, MHSc, faculty and nursing lab co-ordinator

“One thing that’s unique for us is the amount of space we have dedicated to in-person learning in a lab setting. The simulation labs help create a near-reality experience where students are managing their knowledge and skills to work with a patient who has a unique story.”

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